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Produced By Rey Reel & Hit-Boy.

  • Dear fellow gamers. No one is forcing you to definitely buy this game, or to accept the regards to online connection, auction house fees and so on. If you love the game and appreciate it for how it’s, then you will enjoy it regardless of the ethics that you are at odds of of “stealing” gamers financial resources. Yes, I feel you on this issue and it hurts to be mocked like this. But eventually the question at hand will you enjoy necessary . and will you have a blast with this go with? For me the response is probably YES. And by saying “YES” That is that I gonna carry the st behind though it. IMO there aren’t many companies on the planet or in the status computer games… that polish their companies support their customers more the Blizzard. Their games are a total joy, if its Starcraft, Diablo, Warcraft etc. (I didn’t play WOW therefore i can’t say).

  • ‘Now if only I possibly could wasn’t a petty bitch and wont play a good game by good devs because of a bad publisher… too bad I feel. ‘

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